Vibration Exposure Limits

Vibration Exposure Limits

Exposure limits are calculated as a combination of the vibration level (magnitude) of the tool and the Daily Exposure Time (Trigger Time). E.g. A product with 5m/s² vibration can be used up to 2 hours/day to reach the EAV and up to 8 hours/day to reach the ELV.

Exposure Action Value (EAV) - Daily vibration exposure A(8) = 2.5m/s²

Where daily vibration exposure A(8) is below 2.5m/s² the risk is relatively low and no action need be taken

Exposure Limit Value (ELV) - Daily Vibration Exposure A(8) = 5.0m/s²

If several tools are use the exposure values must be combined:

Total exposure is then the combined value of the activities

Actions you should take

Actions for Workers

  • Report any signs of HAV – pins and needles, pain, numbness of the fingertips, pain in the wrists, reduced sensitivity in the touch
  • Use the correct tools for the job
  • Consider alternatives for completing the job or rotate with someone else where possible
  • Use gloves

Actions for Employers

  • Provide training and information
  • Advise employees on safe working practices
  • Eliminate or reduce vibration risks
  • Regularly assess any vibration risks
  • Supply suitable safety equipment
  • Provide the right tools for the job
  • Seek Health & Safety advice